Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January Pictures

Here are some pictures we've taken this month.  This gets me all up-to-date now.  I'll try to be a lot better at posting.  I've had Zane in my lap nursing and sleeping all day while making these last few posts (except for the half hour that I put him down so that I could make some "Zoe is sick and needs cookies" cookies (he screamed the whole time)).  And Zoe is home sick today with a fever (she has been on the couch reading quietly for an hour and a half straight!).  It's a nice, quiet day for blogging!

 "Hey, who's this guy?!"

 "Oh!  It's Grandpa!"

 Night time play time with Daddy!  (not everybody was having fun though)

The first thing Zoe wants to do every day when she gets home from school is hold Zane.

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