Monday, February 3, 2014

Zane's Blessing

Zane was blessed on Sunday, February 2nd.  It was a beautiful blessing!  We had some family come in to town for it which made for a super fun weekend!  It was freezing and sleeting outside on Sunday so we all left the church at various times after the blessing to safely get to destinations.  So we never got a family picture taken.  Oh well!  I have a picture in my heart!

We got to spend Saturday morning with Nana Lynn.  Here are Zane and Mike chillin' at breakfast. 

 Nana Lynn and Zane.


 Zane did great during the blessing and only cried a bit towards the end.

 Me and my buddy.

 Grandma, Sophie, and Zoe

 Grandma, Zane, and Zoe

 Mom, Eddy, and Zane

 Mom and Zane

 Julia (6 months) and Zane playing together.  It was SO CUTE.

"Daddy loves me more than football"  
After everybody left, we had a nice quiet evening watching the super bowl.  

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  1. We had so much fun, as always. And Zane is just so cute. He will definitely be breaking hearts... :)