Saturday, February 8, 2014

Update on Zoe

I have had quite a few people asking me how Zoe is doing.  First of all, I would like everybody to know how much Mike and I appreciate all of the concern, prayers, and offers to help.  We really really appreciate all of the support!

Zoe is doing much better now.  Thank goodness!

Sometime during the night between Wednesday and Thursday, Zoe's fever spiked up to 104.6 (this was higher than it had been at the school or in the ER).  I didn't know if I should take her back to the ER or not.  She was shivering quite a bit, but nothing like the episode at school.  I gave her Tylenol and rubbed a cool, wet cloth over her, and made her drink a lot of water.  This helped the fever and shivering go down.  Mike slept in her room with her that night and gave her a lot of much needed cuddles.

All throughout Thursday, her fever would get up into the high 103's and would only go down to the low 101's with medicine.  But other than being tired, she still didn't have symptoms of anything being wrong.

Early Friday morning the fever finally broke.  I took her to her pediatrician that day.  The doctor was concerned that even though she was on antibiotics, Zoe's fever was still so high on Thursday.  But she hasn't had a fever in just over 24 hours so I think we're in the clear now.  Her doctor strongly suggested that because Zoe's fevers can spike so high and so fast, from now on, even when she has a mild fever, I should go ahead and give her some Tylenol.  Just to help it not get up so high.  She suggested that I carry the medicine with me where ever I go.    

This is the third time since July that Zoe has had a UTI.  We will try to get it under control by helping Zoe to change some of her behaviors (she will hold her pee in as long as possible, argh).  If she continues to get UTI's often then we will have to go see a Urologist.

Mike had to go out of town on business Thursday morning and comes back tonight.  I am SO ready for him to be here so that I can finally get a moment detox, stop worrying so much, and to sleep! I can talk about it all by text or on the computer, but I'm still completely freaked out and just about cry whenever I talk about it in person. :)  I can't get the image of Zoe shaking on the school nurse's bed out of my mind.

There were a few tender mercies that happened on Wednesday that I'd like to point out.  First of all, Zane had gotten his 2 month immunization shots that morning and they made him tired.  So he fell asleep in the car while I was driving to the school to get in the carpool lane and stayed asleep all the way until after we had been in the ER for a while.  Hallelujah!  Also, Mike happened to be in between appointments and was already in the car driving nearby when he got the phone call.  He had been over in Ft. Worth just a couple of hours before that so it actually happened at a perfect time (he did have to cancel three appointments that afternoon and evening though!).  There was something else that I wanted to mention but I can't think of it any more.  Ha!  It will come to me in a bit.  :)

And finally, nothing to do with fevers or UTI's or ER's or ambulances:  USA!  USA!  USA!  (who else is watching the Olympics?!)

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